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A learning community of transformed persons that provides research-driven programs towards the development of competent, resilient, and evangelizing individuals.


CIC is a leading Catholic Higher Educational Institution, committed to academic excellence and holistic development of servant leaders who love the underprivileged, champion God’s creation, and exemplify Marian values.


Christ Centeredness

  • Demonstrates deeper understanding of Jesus’ life and teachings.

  • Relates with others with love, mercy and compassion as lived out by Jesus and with humility and obedience as exemplified by Mama Mary.

  • Strengthens faith life through active participation in the liturgy and sacraments of the Church.


  • Protects and cares for creation.

  • Good keeper of resources.

  • Responsible and accountable to the wellbeing and welfare of others.


  • Commits oneself to continuous enhancement of skills and knowledge.

  • Exhibits critical thinking and creativity in creating meaningful outputs.

  • Inspires others in bringing out their full potential.


  • Creates new and useful knowledge.

  • Promotes growth and sustainability.

  • Demonstrates efficiency and productivity.


  • Adheres to principles of Christian Morality and Ethics.

  • Affirms one’s role in the pursuit of Social Transformation.

  • Participates in advocacies promoting truth, justice and peace.


  • Meets and overcomes challenges in ways that maintain or promote wellbeing.

  • Demonstrates persistence and realistic optimism.

  • Exemplifies commitment to values and acceptance of others.

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