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 The Junior High School Department is an integral part of a larger community of the College of the Immaculate Conception, a Catholic institution of learning dedicated to the facilitation of integral human formation of our learners responsive to the needs of the present-day-situation. It pursues the following objectives:

  1. To develop an enlightened faith in the Lord and service to people; commitment to the national ideals by cherishing, preserving and enhancing moral, spiritual and socio-cultural values as well as desirable aspects of a Filipino;

  2. To obtain knowledge and form desirable attitudes for understanding the nature and purpose of man, and therefore, one’s self, one’s own people and other races, places and times, thereby promoting a keen sense of self, family and of national and international communities;

  3. To develop skills in higher intellectual operations in arts and science and technology and more complex comprehension, and in thinking intelligently, critically and creatively in life situations; and 

  4. To develop skills, knowledge, moral and social attitudes, all of which help to develop both their excellence and character through the culture of Pastoral care, leading them to take their place as active and participating members of the community and society.

  1. To develop and deepen learners’ Christian life through religious and spiritual exercises centered in the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

  2. To integrate all knowledge, skills and talents in learners’ whole being so that they become critical to signs of the times decisive and committed in their involvement to the community to which they belong and to the society as a whole.

  3. To develop values and qualities that enhance learners’ identity as a Filipino so that they become responsible and participative in the building of a Filipino Christian Community and transformed Filipino society.

  4. To promote opportunities both inside and outside school in order to develop these skills, talent and knowledge which guide them in their choice of vocation in the service to God and other people.

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