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Welcome Message

Greetings of Peace!


I am pleased you have chosen the College of the Immaculate Conception to pursue your education and achieve your long term and professional goals. You should take great pride in being a student at a noble Catholic Institution known for excellence and transformative Catholic education. CIC has always been a driving force for social and economic transformation, and we are pleased you are here.


As we emerge from the impact of COVID-19, CIC remains deeply committed to an enriching and rewarding college experience. In addition to the many support services and programs to advance your academic progress, I encourage you to make the most of your schooling experience by getting involved in clubs, student organizations and other student activities. 


At CIC, we strive to create an environment where students can empower themselves, realize their full potential, and become the leaders we need for a brighter, more learned and just future. With this in mind, I hope you make the best of your school life, and take full advantage of the opportunities, resources and services that are available to you during your studies here. 


Your stay in CIC  is a time of transformative personal and intellectual growth and exploration, and an opportunity to network and make lifelong friends, connections and memories. We are here to help make this happen for you and to support you in your educational pursuits.

May our Blessed Mother be with you in your academic journey! 

Hail Immaculata! 


God bless! 


Fr. Joseph B. Azarcon, Ph.D.


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