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Research is a key area in the triumvirate functions that the College has. CIC has articulated its commitment to research which is 襠pursuit of truth and the generation, advancement, and transmission of knowledge in the arts and the sciences, both sacred and civil튍 Research is the "open door to a better future; it is the source of faith that makes man go forward; the challenge that removes the treat of stagnation and decay from all society.

In the field of education,research has been recognized, together with extension, as one of the 'pillars' in the triad of education. In emphasizing the role of research, Dr.Ordonez, in a speech before educators in 2004 said,"One cannot be a good teacher without research".There is no doubt that research is useful to education in particular to teaching. Practicing teachers who engage in research fulfill the school's aim to monitor effectiveness, achieve continuous improvement of service to students, and create a climate among teachers of the professional community to innovatory change.


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